A Beginner’s Guide To Foot Care From Squeaky Clean Feet

By December 4, 2020 Healthy Feet, News
To Foot Care

The most underappreciated part of our body is our feet. The only time we give them some importance is when we are trying new footwear. Most of us forget to take care of them when it comes to skincare. Many of us don’t even count them when thinking about the skincare regime.

No, visiting a spa once a month for a pedicure or a massage doesn’t count as taking care. We need to adapt to a proper skincare routine as we have for our faces. Ignoring hygiene and not taking care of the skin of feet can cause serious problems; some may stick for a lifetime.

Washing And Cleaning

Just like our face, the feet need to be washed every morning and at night before we go to bed. You should wash them daily religiously if you don’t want bacteria to breed on your feet, especially between the toes.

If you wear closed-shoes, it doesn’t guarantee that your feet will not be exposed to bacteria. In fact, feet enclosed for most of the day in tight and closed shoes are more prone to developing bacterial and fungal infections. The moist and enclosed environments are the favorite spots for germs to grow.

Exfoliation And Moisturizing

Apart from keeping the feet clean, exfoliating and moisturizing is also imperative for feet health. You need to invest in two crucial products for your feet; one is a good exfoliator cream, and the other is a nice moisturizer.

The exfoliator should be used once every two weeks, and moisturizer should be applied daily. Like our face, feet accumulate dead skin too, which needs to be removed; that can be done with the help of an exfoliator. If you are not regular with exfoliating your feet, you may end up with calluses, dry skin, and cracked heels. Moisturizing is also essential to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

Invest In Good Home Footwear

Most of the time, we assume that getting good outdoor shoes is enough for our feet. We neglect to invest in a good pair of footwear indoors. However, it is equally important to wear a comfortable and quality pair of slippers inside our home.

We tend to walk, climb stairs, and stand long hours in the kitchen when home and all of these activities can harm our feet if we are not wearing the right shoes.

Taking Care Of Toenails

Keep your toenails trimmed at all times. Long toenails are a hazard as they can break off easily and can cause problems. Always follow the natural curve of the toenail when trimming to avoid ingrown toenails. The most common toenails problems are fungus and ingrown toenails.

If you are careful, you can avoid both easily. Trimming with a good trimmer and keeping an eye on any changes occurring in toenails’ color is vital. When you wash and dry your feet, take a close look at toenails to ensure there are no underlying issues. Catching any problem in the initial stage makes the treatment more comfortable.

Avoid Going Barefoot In Public Places

It is tempting to forgo shoes in some public areas like swimming pools and showers. You should never do it despite how tempting it is. Going barefoot in wet public areas increases the chances of getting fungal infections.

You need to be cautious at spas and salons as well. The foot baths and tools used for procedures should be appropriately disinfected. Make sure you choose a salon that cares about hygiene and never re-use tools without cleaning them properly. Always carry a pair of slippers to wear when you are done with the pedicure.

Investing In Trustable Products

Do your research and invest in new age products like Squeaky Clean Feet. This product is going to provide the perfect cleansing for your feet, even if you are a beginner in this area. It will offer you a massage with a scrub, and you will have clean feet when you step out of the shower. It saves time and effort as amazingly as you can use this product while taking a shower.

Taking care of our feet is not a challenging task. All they need is a little attention and persistence with the cleaning habits.

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