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A Daily Checklist To Follow For Healthy Feet

By June 20, 2019 Healthy Feet

Our feet are technically the work horses of our body, with approximately 5000 steps a day, which makes it 2.5 miles. They are also bearing the weight of our body when we take each step. Cramming them into your shoes is another story and standing for longer periods is also made possible because of them. They really are hardworking and don’t you think we should give them a little more attention?

You don’t skip brushing your teeth or washing your face every day, then why ignore your poor feet? Taking care of the feet is not really tough. You just have to be a little vigilant and concerned about the wellbeing and health of your feet and that’s easy. Let’s not waste time and see how you can do that.

Daily Inspection

It is extremely vital to have a look at your toenails at the end of the day. Especially if you wear closed toe shoes because then the chances of getting infections are higher.

See, if your feet are sore or have any cut(s), tend to it immediately. No part of your body swells in normal condition, same goes for your feet. If you notice any swelling, please don’t take it lightly or ignore it. Try to figure out the reasons and work on them to get better.

Proper Cleaning and Moisturizing

Warm water is best for washing feet. Give them a good wash regularly but do not soak them daily as it may dry the skin.

After washing, the inevitable thing is to moisturize the skin properly. Any good quality cream, lotion, or even petroleum jelly would work fine. If you are particular, then there are different foot creams easily available. The skin between the toes requires no moisturizing as it should be dry to avoid any infections.

The Shoe Guide

Any pair of shoes that hurts your feet is a big no-no. Shoes are supposed to provide comfort and they should not hurt your feet in any way. Tighter shoes must be avoided, along with flats and flip-flops. The flip-flops and flats are not healthy choices because they lack the necessary arch support.

Try to have different pairs of shoes available at a time so you don’t have to repeat a single pair every day. Keep rotating the shoes for healthier feet.

Keep Toe Nails Properly Trimmed

Use a good quality, sharp nail clipper and trim the toenails straight across. Make sure to smooth the corners of the nails after trimming them. You can use a nail filer or an emery board for that purpose. The filing reduces the risk of nails growing into the skin which can be painful.


This is the ultimate checklist that you need to follow if you want to keep walking without any worries. Foot infections are very common and the biggest reason is we tend to overlook the need to keep them clean. The chances of getting infections and ingrown toenails can be reduced significantly only by having a close look at the feet regularly.

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