Squeaky Clean Feet

Squeaky Clean Feet was created by two young entrepreneur & inventors. Inspired by Shark Tank this brother and sister team reviewed many avenues of creating a product or service to bring to market.  We wanted their offering to address a large issue that both had health and safety benefits.  This team eventually came to understand that there was a large demand for a foot cleaning, massaging, and exfoliating product.  There are others in the market but every single one of them lacked features but all missed have that luxury look and feel.

Squeaky Clean Feet is finally the right product that can provide a thorough clean which can aid in defending ageist a whole host of different feet ailments.  This product also helps reduce the hazards of balancing on one foot while people try to properly clean one foot at a time.

We are so sure you will love it we offer a 100% no questions asked guarantee for 30 days.  We hope you enjoy this product so much you tell all your friends and family.

Ava and Trevor