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Best Products to Buy for Foot Cleaning

By April 8, 2020 Feet
Products to Buy for Foot Cleaning

Have you ever wondered: what if your feet had feelings? What if they were people with personalities? Would they be like grumpy, grouchy, disheveled middle-aged people who are always running around looking busy and unhappy? Or would they be smart, fresh, and the on-top-of-their game looking adults with a cup of steaming mocha clutched in one hand?

We spend our lives never really focusing on our feet or caring about them. Whether or not they have feelings, whether they need to take a break and soak in a nice warm bath, only to be massaged into a relaxed state of mind. Most of us engage in regular foot cleaning in our baths, we soap them up, maybe use a scrubber, but that’s usually the end of it.

Well. We need to do more.

The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, making 1.5-2 miles. Most people walk up to double this amount as per the Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s (CDC) recommendation to stay healthy and fit.


Depending upon the choice of your footwear, your feet undergo major stress. If you wear high heels often, chances are that the balls of your feet are facing major stress putting you at risk of hairline fractures. Of course, wearing flats and shoes is a good choice for most people EXCEPT 80% of the men wear the wrong size of dress shoes which can cause cracks, ugly creases, and increased stress for your feet. How can foot cleaning factor in as a solution that can help rejuvenate the strength of our feet? Well, you need to think of foot cleaning as not just any rub-a-dub-dub harried procedure, its more about grooming your feet to be at their best, all the time.

You can invest in bath salts to revitalize the skin of your feet or get some buttery moisturizers to keep them soft and hydrated. Look for foot creams infused with essential oils – to make them smell great. The best moisturizers tend to either of these as a primary base ingredient: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera. Did you now that foot masks were a thing? Well, they are. Just simply slather your feet with a foot mask product and watch it work its magic overnight to heal your feet into softer, smoother feet. Adding these natural products to your foot cleaning routine will bring about some great results.natural products to your foot cleaning routine

The prospect of splurging on creams, bath salts or foot masks may seem relaxing but the key to having healthy feet is just simply: a thorough foot cleaning. You need to invest in a small tub, fill it up with hot water, and just soak your feet in for 15-20 minutes. Just hot water will work like magic to soften up any toughened dead skin.soak your feet

You need to make efficient and quick use of a good scrubber, preferably a pumice stone, or a brush with soft thistles, to ensure that your foot cleaning regimen has been a success. After this, if you massage your feet with a foot massager or your bare hands, you can immediately affect the blood circulation in your feet and soothe the mass of pressure points around your feet. Congratulations, if you have done all this, you have now indulged in some good satisfying self-care.Self Care

Alas, not many of us have the time luxuriating with our feet. It makes you wonder if there is a quick solution that can come to the rescue of your feet from stressful days. There is.

It’s called Squeaky Clean Feet.

Foot scrubber

What is this and how can it help with foot cleaning and keeping your feet healthy? It’s like a power-slipper that you can put on your feet and just forget about everything else. Pumice Stone? Not needed. Brush? Not necessary. Foot massager? We have got your covered. This product is integrated with all the essentials that spell good foot cleaning and care. It is lined with pumice stone textured material, long rubbery scrubbers, and built-in massagers. What’s more? It comes with suction pumps so it can stick to the ground while you swiftly move your feet back-n-forth for a couple of minutes to get the same result that a longer and time-consuming foot cleaning regimen would provide.

Sounds like a good deal, no?

Invest in Squeaky Clean Feet for an easy foot cleaning hack that you can apply daily.

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