Best Shower Foot Scrubbers for Feet – 2020 Reviews

By May 22, 2020 News
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Everyone has different bathing routines. Some people prefer shampooing their hair first and then scrubbing their bodies. Some people soak in hot water, scrub off dead skin, and then soap up their bodies. Most people tend to clean their feet at the end. Have you ever found yourself eagerly scrubbing your body and then reaching down to scrub the base of your feet – only to catch yourself fearing that you might slip if you lose balance?

If your shower floor is not lined with a shower mat, you have likely had a niggling doubt about slipping if you reach down to clean your feet too thoroughly. It is even possible that you may not have cleaned your feet with many thoroughfares because the fear of losing your footing on a wet shower floor can give rise to precarious thoughts.

Many people don’t realize but this is why shower mats are an essential bathroom accessory. They help you from accidentally slipping. The ridges on the mats and the rubber texture help create the friction that keeps you steady on your feet. Squeaky Clean Feet is a definite bathroom essential because it uses a different approach to keep you steady and allows you to calmly wash your feet. The small suction pumps at the bottom of the makeshift shoe, stick to the floor while you slide your foot in and out. This works like a charm for our clients who find this to be one of the best shower foot scrubbers.

Apart from Squeaky Clean Feet, there are other alternatives in the market that you can use to improve your foot hygiene. We have reviewed five of the best in-demand foot scrubbers in 2020 for you.

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The machine Loofah Shower Mat is a soft, pliable but coarse shower mat that simultaneously functions as a stabilizing force beneath your feet and as an exfoliating surface. Just rub your feet against it to get rid of toughened dead skin on your feet. It’s a good investment for your bathroom but keep in mind to consider your flooring, if it isn’t a smooth tile surface then this mat may not stay secure and could be dangerous.

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This KIAYACI Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner comes equipped with bristles designed to gently exfoliate your feet and get right between your toes. It has an added benefit of improving the circulation of your feet and releasing some much-needed stress. After all, our feet are home to most of the human body’s pressure points that can instantly help relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and more.

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This compact foot scrubber is covered with hundreds of bristles to provide the easiest foot spa experience at home. The LOVE, LORI Shower Foot Massager can help you exfoliate your feet deeply and will get rid of any foul odor emanating from your tired feet. Whilst some people find the bristles to be too tough for their sensitive feet, it is good for those specific hygiene-loving individuals who enjoy some harsh scrubbing to feel clean.

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The Vive Foot Scrubber Brush is a definite recommendation from us because its dual bristles offer full-coverage scrubbing. The smaller and softer bristles gently reach in the area between your toes and the tough bristles wrestle with cleansing any stiff calluses. If anything, this shower scrubber will keep your foot far away from any potential dead-skin accumulation. Unlike the previous products, this even comes lined up with suction cups at its base which stick to the wet floor to make sure that you don’t accidentally slip.

As good as this product is, it can become overused after months of use and lose its effectiveness. However, this is not to discourage you from investing in this. What’s more? It’s even mold and mildew resistant so you KNOW this is not a high-maintenance investment.

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This California Home Goods Shower Foot Scrubber & Massager is one of the best shower foot scrubbers, hands down, or well, feet down. Its suction pumps at its base are STRONG. You can move your feet around as harshly as you like – although we recommend a gentle and soothing back-n-forth movement – but you really won’t slip. Or fall.

Its bristles are just about the perfect ratio of harsh and soft to get your feet feeling smooth (of course there are still people who find the bristles too soft or too hard). Like other foot scrubbers, this will also improve the blood circulation of your feet and enhance your overall wellness. It’s surprising but some people have commented that this mat is a good choice for those who struggle with athlete’s foot, frequent calluses, and icky feet odor.

Coming full-circle – Squeaky Clean Feet

What are the best qualities of these shower mats?

  • Its grip to the floor is stable
  • Texture-ous bristles – tough, soft or both
  • Antibacterial material
  • The right fit? Not too big or small

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Squeaky Clean Feet integrates all these best features. It is lined with different kinds of bristles that will massage your AND reach between your toes. Its material is safe, reliable, and anti-bacterial. If that’s not all, the suction on its base will stick to the wet bathroom tiles like glue. We think it’s a perfect combination of a compact, quickly available bathroom essential that will have you upping – or rather lowering – your foot hygiene game to the next level!

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