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Foot Cleaning Massage to Help Reduce Pain

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Many of us love to have foot massages when we are tired or when we need to clean our feet. How many times have we imagined owning a device that can provide us a good massage or just clean our feet for us without having to invest so much on it. Squeaky foot cleaning products are great in this regard if you are looking for affordable and effective solution.

Coming back to foot massages; these massages are not helpful in relaxation but also aids in relieving pain. Yes, massages of feet can reduce various pain. Even the massages and feet cleaning we do with Squeaky Clean Feet or other similar products are really helpful in reducing pain. Let me tell you how?

Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopause

Many women go through a lot of changes during menopause, which includes pain and headaches. A nice and gentle foot massage is all that is needed to help these headaches go away. This is also relevant for premenstrual syndrome and everyone knows that a good massage can even make the mood better, so it also helps in mood swings in both situations.

For added benefits, massage your feet with your favorite essential oil. The aromatic and healthy properties of these oils will make the massage a lot better.

Myofascial Release Therapy

There are different techniques of massages for different types of pains. One of the most effective techniques is myofascial release therapy and here are the steps how to do it:

  • Select a comfortable chair to sit
  • Take a tennis or golf ball
  • Keep the ball under your foot
  • Roll the ball
  • Keep rolling it until you have found a sensitive point
  • Press down with the foot once you have located the pressure point
  • Press down just enough so you can feel point softens
  • Maintain the position for 3 to 5 minutes

The key is to stop rolling the ball once you have found a sensitive point, continuous rolling will not let the pressure deep enough. This therapy is quite effective against general pain. Basically, thin tissues that cover muscles, organs, and bones are targeted in this therapy.

According to a research on lower back aches, reflexology was better in reducing pain than the lower back massage.


The massage for lower back pain in reflexology focuses on arches of the feet and comprises of simple steps:

  • Use oil or lotion for lubrication, just few drops
  • Concentrate on the pressure points in arches
  • Move from heels to toes
  • Move your thumbs alternately in short strokes

After the massage, you will feel remarkable relief from a nagging pain. Now, you must be wondering what reflexology is? It is a technique that focuses on the pressure points. These points are on hands, ears, and feet and they correspond to different systems and organs in the body. These points are pressed in this method as it is believed that they benefit the organs they correspond to.

Benefits of Massages

Whereas, manual manipulation of muscles is known as massage. Massages are known to enhance general wellbeing and health. Most of the times, overworked muscles and physical fatigue from a long day leads to tired feet. Foot massage is a good way to get rid of this tiredness. Circulation of nutrient rich blood is increased in the massage area. As a result, movement of lymph fluid is enhanced and irritable cellular waste product is removed. How cool is that – even a normal foot cleaning massage if done right can provide so many advantages.

Chronic Pain

Short deep pressure strokes combined with long surface strokes are best, as they reach almost all of the problem areas. In case of orthopedic problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor first and only after consultation and permission from a healthcare professional, you should or should not go for a massage.

Pain from Injury

If you have been in an accident and there is an injury, you may feel a sudden onset of foot pain. Consult a physician to be sure that there are no broken bones or any other acute damage. Once you are sure that it is not a severe injury, you can consider foot massage to alleviate pain but only after seeing a doctor.

Even after consultation, you should massage gently around the outer edges where the injury is and not directly on injury. Keep applying pressure nearer and nearer as sensitivity reduces.

Things to Take Care Of

For soothing effects, you can massage your feet with foot lotion or any recommended oil. Make sure that you do not massage the area with blisters, cuts, scratches, or abrasions since they can get infected. Wait till it is healed, then you are good to go.

The Last Clandestine Tip

Consider this tip as an extra bonus. When you are done with massaging your feet, you should keep them elevated for 10 to 15 minutes.

Deal with Flat Feet

Get the Solution to Deal with Flat Feet

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Even if you have flat feet, it does not matter. There are affordable foot cleaning products that you can use to keep your feet clean and odorless. It is a condition that has nothing to do with pedicures and cleaning equipment. The common perception is that nothing can be done for flat feet which is not true. Though, there are some cases but for most cases, this perception is not valid.

Do not feel left out because honestly, it is not something due to which you have to skip spa dates or cannot have a friend’s night where you all treat yourselves with pedicures and stuff. Why miss out on some fun? Flat feet are something beyond your control but keeping them clean and soft is totally possible. Invest in affordable foot cleaning products so, you can have more products and enjoy to the fullest.

Fallen or collapsed arches are other common names for flat feet. Against the general perception about its rarity, this is a quite common condition with about 30% of the population having fallen feet. However, only one person out of ten shows symptoms of this condition. It affects both feet but in some cases, only one foot is also affected.

There are number of reasons for collapsed arches such as arthritis, pregnancy, obesity, genetics, aging, and injuries. Sometimes, muscular diseases, like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, or muscular dystrophy, become the reason for flat feet.

Types of Flat Foot

There are mainly two types of flat feet: flexible and rigid.

Flexible Flat Foot

It is the most common one. It is only flat when there is a weight applied on it.

Rigid Flat Foot

It is flat with and without weight on the foot.

Now, let’s see what can be done to overcome this problem.


Stretching routine may help people with flat feet but it requires dedication. With regular stretching program, flattening can be reduced. Downward dog (a yoga position) and runners stretch both are equally effective.

Simple exercises like picking up handkerchief or marbles to strengthen the grabbing from toes can help a lot.

Short Foot

This exercise targets the muscles supporting arch at the inside of foot. It also improves posture of feet. To do this you have to sit in a chair. Keep your foot on floor with your toes pointing forwards in a natural position. Slide the front of your toe to the back towards the heel. The goal here is to shorten the length. You have to hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times for both feet.


Another wrong perception about flat feet is that it needs support. Counterintuitively, when you walk or run barefoot your muscles become strong and they are more active.

Single Leg Balance

Stand on one leg and slide front toe towards the heel and activate short foot. While maintaining the short foot position, start tapping your other foot gently around your body. Tap but don’t squash. Don’t move your body, your leg should be the only thing moving. Try to stretch your foot as further away from the body as you can. Continue this for a minute, then shift on to other foot.


In case, there is a pain in your knee, foot, or hip due to fallen feet, you should go for a foot brace. They will give an external support and lift the arch. Use them for a shorter period of time and do not let your feet muscles depend on it too much.


They are used to raise arches and inverting heel bones. They are basically specially-designed shoe inserts for flat feet. Once you insert them you will feel much better. It alleviates muscular strain and spasms.

Stability Shoes

There is a range of such products available in the market. Shoes, such as motion control shoes, provide extra cushion to support foot arch. They relief pain and make walking and running better.


This is literally the last resort and usually, this is not even required. Surgery is needed in cases of bone deformity or tendon tear. It can be a simple one and can be really complex, depending on the severity of flat feet and age of the person. Three common types of flat foot surgery are; implant, structural, and fusion.


If it is advanced and at the end-stage, then a patient may need major joint fusions.


An implant is inserted at the back of foot. The purpose of this implant is to support bones.


Tendon transfers, bone cuts, and joint fusions are involved. The aim is to realign.

End Note

If we are going to be honest, there is no cure but it is not like that nothing can be done to manage or improve the situation. Several measures can be taken to make feet better, few of them are mentioned in this blog. Exercises and small changes in daily routine can improve alignment and it may become less painful. If nothing else works, then surgery is always an option.

Feet Cleaning Service

Get Rid Of Feet Cleaning Service Appointments

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The cracks in your heels embarrass you to take off shoes in public? We all have been there. We usually don’t ignore our spa appointments for facials but when it comes to feet, we tend to ignore. However, foot cleaning products like Squeaky Clean Feet solution are making lives easy. Many of us do not have time and money to enjoy long spa sessions but that does not mean we cannot have clean and soft feet.

Cracked heels are not only embarrassing, but they are also painful. When you know you haven’t been to a feet cleaning session for a while now, you are paranoid. In your paranoia, you try to hide your bare feet and get super uncomfortable in return. It can also be a major blow to one’s confidence. So, in order to get rid of all this negativity, try Squeaky Clean Feet that can offer you stress-free solutions for cracked heels.

You do not have to go anywhere for clean feet, now you can do it at home and in less time. Only a little effort is required from your side. Have a look at some easy-breezy remedies in this post.

Banana Magic

Take two ripe bananas and mash them into a paste. Rub that paste all over your feet gently and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse with water. Two weeks into this regime and you will start seeing the results. Stop doing it when you are satisfied and restart when you think you need to heal the heels again.

Make sure you do not use unripe bananas because the acid in an unripe banana is harsh for the skin. Whereas; ripe banana works as a moisturizer. Vitamins A, B6, and C in the fruit keep skin hydrated and maintains the elasticity.

Oatmeal Wonder

Mix lemon juice in oatmeal, until you have a smooth paste. Apply it on your feet where you think the skin needs to be treated and let it be for thirty minutes. Wash off the paste with water.

It makes feet clean and softens the skin. This foot mask is really helpful for people with extremely dry skin. It will make your skin glow by softening it.

Cocoa Butter Cream

This cream is easily available in several drugstore brands and if you do not have it, then petroleum jelly will do just fine. All you have to do is take a handsome amount of cocoa buttercream or petroleum jelly, whichever you prefer. Apply it generously on your feet before going to bed and wash your feet properly in the morning. In only a couple of days, you will see the results.

Use Milk Daily

We are not asking you to drink it (although you should). Use warm milk to soak your feet. Mix a cup full of warm milk in half a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture of water and milk daily for soothing effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar in a Soak

This is the easiest trick to deep clean your feet without an inch of effort. Add apple cider vinegar in water and soak your feet in this mixture. Do not leave your feet in water for too long, twenty to thirty minutes are enough.

Heal With Honey

Healing properties of honey are not a secret. Take a bucketful of warm water and add a full cup of raw honey into it. Soak your feet in that water for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the process daily and get rid of the dryness on your feet that has been bothering you for a long time.

Wash Them Daily

This is the key point – if you are skipping this, nothing is going to work. No matter how many masks you are applying if your feet are not clean, then it is pointless. Footbaths are a good way to clean feet, relax, and ditch your feet cleaning service appointments.

squeaky clean feet

The Foot Soak Benefits of Healing

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Do nothing when you had a tiring day, just sit back and dip your feet in warm water. Even without anything else in the tub, you will feel relaxed and fresh. The benefits of soaking your feet in warm water are not limited to refreshing and relaxing. This helps in keeping your feet in great shape with lesser cracks and dead cells. Thanks to Squeaky Clean Feet, we are no longer worried about effective feet cleaning solutions out there. Now, we can actually have nicely cleaned feet with minimum efforts. Squeaky Clean Feet does everything for you.

Do you realize that between your two feet there are 60 joints and 50 bones (that is one-fourth of the total bones in a body)? There are also 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments which all work in harmony to help you move. Anything that moves a lot needs proper maintenance and so does our feet. Squeaky Clean Feet solution is the best way to take proper care of your feet and have them ready to move always.

Foot baths are helpful in warming body temperature. If you are experiencing physical or mental tension, then a foot bath can soothes you. It increases white blood cell activity and alleviates stress. White blood cells are known to boost the immune system which means that soaking your feet is helpful in maintaining overall wellbeing.

The Best Time

Most of us might prefer soaking our feet in a water bath after we are done for the day but is it better do this in the morning? Theoretically, we should be doing it in the morning since it increases Qi and blood movement, and dredges the meridians of our movement throughout the day. The expansion of blood capillaries after a foot bath refreshes the brain and raises the bar of energy which keeps us strengthened the whole day.

If you are not a morning person or you cannot get up extra early to begin your day, then you can do it at night. It is also acceptable, nothing to worry. Soaking them at night will definitely help you sleep better.

Adding Some Salt

When soaking, in just water, has such amazing effects, imagine what could be the results of adding some natural options? Try to keep foot baths as organic as you can and add only natural products like salts.

Himalayan Salts

It kills germs since it has anti-bacterial properties. It makes blood circulation better, helping in relaxation. The detoxifying properties of Himalayan salt reduce the risks of getting infections. It is also known to help in reducing muscles cramps and improves hydration.

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt helps in detoxification of skin cells, eases joint pain, and reduces inflammation. Epsom salt is a combination of Magnesium and Sulfate. The magnesium component in it releases pain relief ions when absorbed in the skin. The salt regulates electrolyte levels of body and makes your nerves and muscles function actively.

Whereas, sulfate targets harmful substances and eliminates them from the body. Epsom salt is also popular for foot baths due to its ability of healing fungus and ingrown nails and soothing dry skin. It is also effective in quelling foot odor.

Ideal Water Temperature

Some of us think that higher the water temperature, greater the results. Because of this, they keep their feet in hot water to the point of redness. This is not correct!

In fact, the temperature of the water should be around 40o Celsius. If it is higher than this, it makes cuticles dry and chapped because it destroys the sebum membrane of skin. It also expands blood vessels in feet due to which blood runs downward towards feet and the supply to heart, kidneys, and other organs are shortened.

The duration of foot soaking should be around 20 to 30 minutes for your body to take advantage out of it. Keep adding hot water if it gets cold. Also, the water level should ideally be three inches above ankles.

Wonders of Essential Oils

If you want to feel like being at spa, at your own home, you can add essential oils in the foot soak. Every essential oil has different qualities. We are listing a few of them here.

Lavender Oil

Smells nice, ideal for joints and sore muscles, and a natural pain reliever

Cedar wood Oil

Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties

Rosemary Oil

Soothes muscles and has antiseptic properties.

Peppermint Oil

Calms down relaxes the mind and refocuses thoughts.


Wrap Up

Foot baths are soothing and relaxing nature. You literally do not have to do much for feet soaking, just take some warm water in a tub and chill. It improves cognitive functions and boosts creative habits. Your mind will be fresher and you will be able to work on new ideas if you make it a habit.

On our feet

Tips and Remedies to Keep Your Feet Odor-Less

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Did you know there are 4 to 5 million sweat glands in our body? And where do 250,000 out of these reside? Yes, you guessed it right! On our feet. So, no surprises there how sweat and smell always find ways to our feet.

Just like for anybody else, you are also tired of wet socks and stinky feet, then this write-up is for you. Read the tips and try to follow them to get rid of that embarrassing odor every time you take off your shoes.

First Thing First- Cleanliness

This goes without saying, you have to wash your feet on a daily basis properly. It will be great if you use antibacterial soap because dirty and sweaty feet are favorite spots for bacteria. Bacteria is the reason for bad foot odor and several other problems.

Take Measures to Prevent Sweating

Wiping up feet with alcohol wipes can stop them from sweating temporarily. It also closes the pores. This can be really effective if you do this before your day starts. Wipe your feet daily in the morning with these wipes, before putting on sock and shoes for the day.

Lemon juice can be used as a natural deodorant. It is really effective in preventing excessive sweating by closing the pores. It should be applied to the soles of feet using cotton balls, before putting on socks and shoes.

It is astonishing how fast and furious sweat can come with all those glands on feet. We literally can’t understand why foot antiperspirants are not a common thing. Well, never mind, you should get one to combat that rotten smell by stopping your feet from sweating profusely.

Starting Off A Typical Day

Using deodorant on your armpits is so common to prevent smell, we wonder why foot deodorant lacks similar enthusiasm? A nice smelling deodorant would de-stink your feet and keep your shoes safe from the odor.

As important as it is to wear socks in close-toe shoes, it is also vital to wear the right socks. They should be made up of breathable fabric and needs to be changed daily. You got to keep them clean and dry. Cotton socks are a big no!

Day End Rituals

At the day end, when you have taken your shoes off put some baking soda in them. It will soak up the excess moisture from the shoes overnight and reduce the chances of bad smell. It prevents the festering of smelly bacteria.

Anti-fungal foot powder is a thing but sadly, not very common. This powder works wonders by killing the smell and keeping feet dry. It should be applied after cleaning your feet.

If you are really worried about taking the time out for all these tips, then make sure that you at least get a great product for the upkeep of your feet. Squeaky Clean Feet is a wonderful all-in-one product that serves the purpose of keeping feet clean and odorless, quite well.

Get a foot massage

The Magical Benefits of Foot Massages Revealed- Squeaky Clean Feet

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Had a long, tiring day? Get a foot massage! You’ll be ecstatic after a foot massage and would know how magical it is. Apart from providing instant relief, regular massages can also help you get rid of stress and relieve pain from lower legs and feet. However, these are only a few of the amazing benefits of foot massages. The feet massages may even secretly help you live a long healthy life, you never know but one thing is for sure that their benefits go far beyond pain relief.

Reflexology Wonders

Various points in our feet are connected intricately to different tissues and organs in our body. When specific areas of feet are massaged, toxins are removed from the body. As a result, a healthy flow of blood is maintained throughout the body. The ancient reflexology model is based on this theory and it has been quite successful. Reflexology also compliments different treatments for stress, diabetes, cancer, and headaches.

Fight against Swelling

According to Harvard Medical School, foot massage is helpful in reducing tension, improving circulation, muscle stimulation, and easing pain. It is also effective for Edema when a trauma in any area of the body causes the buildup of excess fluid and that part swells. It is common in legs and feet in conditions like diabetes, kidney problems, heart issues, and pregnant women. The unhealthy swelling can be significantly reduced through regular foot massages.

Aids Blood Circulation

It is not a secret that massaging a part of the body stimulates blood flow to that specific part. This is the reason people who suffer from Raynaud’s disease or diabetes are advised to get foot massages. With the improvement of blood circulation to the feet, the life of your limbs improves automatically and it also increases overall sensations.

Some people are forever troubled by their cold feet; a nice and gentle foot massage is their solace. It can help them warm up on days when it is a bit chilly outside and saves them from the distress of wearing three pairs of socks on top of one another.

Lowers Blood Pressure

It has been noticed in several studies that people who have hypertension are able to control their blood pressures through foot massages. A decrease in systolic pressure is also noticed by massaging feet and levels of triglycerides are also noted to be lower through repeated reflexology sessions.


Whether you have any medical condition (like the ones mentioned earlier) or you had a rough day that was taxing on the lower body, a good massage is something that can make you feel relaxed and liberated from tension build up in your body. So, get your feet massaged at the end of the day and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Reasons You May Have Swollen Feet

Reasons You May Have Swollen Feet

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Swelling is not normal but that doesn’t mean that it is always dangerous. There are many reasons for swelling on feet. It may not be dangerous but it can surely make walking a problem. Sometimes it is also hurtful. Some of the common health conditions that can cause feet to swell are discussed below.


No brainer! A wrong foot, an ankle twist, or if you have tripped; all of these can lead to swelling. In such cases, a swollen foot is a sign of a broken bone or a sprain. The tissues that connect the bones around the ankle are flexible but tough. When there is a tear in your tissues, the blood rushes to heal the injury. The process can give you a swollen foot or ankle. If it doesn’t look right or hurts a lot, or if you are unable to put weight on it, you should consult a doctor without further delay.


This is very common when a woman is expecting as the body holds on to more water during pregnancy. It is a natural part of bringing a new life, however, it can become problematic by the end of the day or due to standing for long periods of time. It can be uncomfortable but it is not a sign of any complication, in most cases.


It happens when a body holds too much water, it makes the feet, hands, and face puffy. It usually occurs after a long flight or if you have been standing for a long period of time. For some women, it happens around their periods every month. It goes away on its own and is generally harmless but it is always good to get it checked. Since in some rare cases, it can be due to some kidney or liver disease.


If the small glands that are a part of the immune system, known as the lymph nodes, are removed or damaged, your arms, feet, and legs swell. The swelling occurs because body wastes less fluids in this situation. Massages, exercises, and compression sleeves or socks are effective to reduce the swelling.

Kidney Issues

As we all know that kidneys filter toxic waste from the blood. If kidneys aren’t working properly due to any condition, for instance, high blood pressure or diabetes, excess sodium (salt) accumulates in the body. Too much salt in the body forces the body to hold on to more water than it usually does. The excess water in the body is pulled by the gravity and as a result feet and ankles swell.


While it is normal for a mom-to-be to have swollen feet but if it comes with a headache, nausea, belly pain, or trouble in breathing, then it may be a sign of condition called preeclampsia. The condition is linked to high blood pressure and doesn’t start until the 20th week of pregnancy. If it is not treated on time, it can be dangerous as it affects the liver and kidneys. If you experience any of these symptoms along with swelling, then do let your doctor know about it.