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How Runners Should Take Care Of Their Feet

How Runners Should Take Care Of Their Feet

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It should be no surprise that you need to take care of your feet and ankles. It becomes even more vital when you are a runner. After all, your feet bear a great deal of impact whenever you walk so, think about the effect they have to bear when you run.

Do you know when you run, your feet have to bear an impact of almost thrice of your actual weight? That is a lot! And also explains why running regularly can lead to foot pain easily, and there is a chance of developing many foot problems. However, if you want to get those miles painlessly, you need to stay on top of your feet health.

If runners are not careful enough, they can quickly develop blisters and plantar fasciitis. We realize it is easy to tell you to take care of your feet, but when it comes to reality, it might be a little challenging, especially for athletes and runners. Again, no one else needs to take care of their feet more than people into sports. You have to manage it if you want to avoid unnecessary trouble.

If you stick to a regular foot care plan, it may even make you perform better, and once it is in your routine, it won’t feel difficult to take time out for it. SO, the question is, what should be done to prevent pain and other issues?

Watch What You Eat

The first thing would be to take a close look at your eating habits. You should be aware of the nutritional value of the meals you are having. Keeping yourself hydrated is the ultimate key to maintain overall health and avoid aches.

Watch What You Wear

Footwear choices are so important that we cannot stress enough on it. When we talk about footwear, we are not only talking about the shoes you wear while running. It is essential to own the right and suitable footwear, even when you are not running to ensure foot health. The right fit is the key!

Watch Your Feet Cleaning Habits

It would be best if you were regular with cleaning your feet no matter how busy you are; you cannot skip the cleaning routine. It is absolutely vital to keep the feet clean, dry, and moisturize if you want to stay away from bacteria and fungal infections.

Watch Your Nails

Cutting nails is also a part of feet hygiene. It would help if you were mindful of how you cut them because the wrong direction can lead to ingrown nails, and it can be excruciating. Ingrown nails also make it unbearable to wear running shoes.

Watch The Products You Are Using

You should invest in the products that you are sure about, and that has good reviews. Squeaky Clean Feet is one such product. It saves time and effort and gives clean, scrubbed, and relaxed feet. Apart from it, investing in good relief creams and moisturizers is also essential.

Feet Issues Faced By Women

Feet Issues Faced By Women

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Foot problems can make living a regular life difficult and painful. Essentially, everything we do requires us to move around. We use our feet too much, which often becomes a reason for the issues to arise in feet. It is understandable when some part of the body is used frequently, it is more likely to develop problems.

As for the various physical wellbeing areas, the issues of feet may differ gender-wise. Men and women may have to face different challenges in this area. In this blog, we will be focusing on the issues that are most likely faced by women.


Toes are generally expected to be lying flat. However, hammertoes are curved and scrunched up in the default position. This usually happens due to the shoes that are smaller than the original size. When you wear shoes that are smaller than your size, naturally, it forces the toes to curl up to fit.

The more you leave your toes in that position, the harder it becomes to get them back in real shape. This is, however, not the only reason for developing hammertoes. Sometimes, it also happens due to a muscular problem that may be out of your hands.

The excellent news is hammertoe is a treatable condition. A Budin splint is a non-invasive and easy way to treat it. It simply retrains the foot to go back to the normal position. A pad is placed under the toes and ball of the foot. The toe is placed inside an elasticated strap that is small in size. It helps the toe to flatten out and keep it in the proper place.

Another option is to go for surgery. Ideally, it should be the last resort. It is a straightforward way where a small amount of bone will be removed, and sometimes a temporary pin is inserted.

Fallen Arches

The shape of the foot has an impact on the overall posture and health. These effects are undeniable, to be honest. There is some arching between the heel and ball of the foot, but as you grow older, the chances are your arches falling will increase.

In most cases, this is something that is never noticed until it has been going on for some time already. There is a simple solution to prevent and stop arches from falling, and that is investing in the right shoes. Your footwear should be able to provide proper support. Using orthotics can also help.


We cannot say that this happens to women only. It is fairly common in both genders, and that is why it should not be ignored. A bunion is a painful lump, and it occurs by the first knuckle of the big toe. It forms when the big toes if diagonally forced into the other toes. Due to the pressure, the lower bones in the toe jut-out developing a painful bunion.

Footwear causing the feet to stay in an unnatural shape result in this condition like high heels. This is why it is a little more common in females than in males. This issue doesn’t appear overnight; it takes a more prolonged time to develop. This is why the chances of experiencing a bunion increase with age.

Being aware of the problem and prevent it before time is the best solution. However, if someone develops a bunion, then going for custom insoles that are comfortable and conform with the shape of their feet may be able to provide some relief.

The only way to get rid of bunions is through surgery. In the procedure, the lump is filed down, and the toe is realigned. Metal pins are inserted to help the toes in shape.

Wrap Up

Prevention is the best way to deal with foot problems. Suppose you maintain good hygiene and cleaning routine. In that case, there is a chance you will be able to get the issues in the early stages before they become a nuisance. Most of the time, once we develop foot issues, it is difficult to cure them completely. Only relief can be provided, which should not happen to anyone. Surgeries are not ideal at any age for many reasons so, be vigilant and invest in available and quality products like Squeaky Clean Feet. Going for cheap quality products is the worst thing you can probably do for your feet.

Foot Care For Men

Foot Care For Men

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We feel kind of bad that men are often sidelined when the topic of discussion is self-grooming and self-care. Even when guys talk about self-care, they mostly stick to the basics like teeth whitening, cologne choices, and wardrobe selection. We seldom get to read about the nitty-gritty stuff we all have to deal with. The most prominent example can be our feet.

Our feet are funky, no question about it! We keep them cramped and moist in socks and shoes and then expect them to smell like budding flowers… this is not going to happen. The solution always comes from identifying the problem. Unless we know what we are trying to find a solution for, there is a good chance we will never have one.

Identifying The Feet Issues

Our feet can develop numerous skin conditions if we are not careful. The chances of developing physical abnormalities cannot be ruled out. Luckily, if we are careful and take precautions on time, most of the issues are preventable. If we develop any, it is curable. However, the key is to notice the changes in the early stages.

Men are not from any other planet, and their problems are similar to females when it comes to feet. From nail fungus to warts to calluses and corns, all of these issues can occur if you do not give proper attention to your feet.

Prevention is obviously better, and the only way to prevent these problems is by keeping an eye on your foot. You need to have a routine for cleaning feet and follow it religiously. It will help you keep an eye on them, and you will notice any changes early on.

Foot Care Routine

This is not difficult, to be honest. All you have to do is keep the feet clean, dry, nails should be trimmed correctly, and your feet must be moisturized.

Now, for some reason that we are unable to understand, men think moisturizing is for ladies. This is the most stupid myth, and it needs to be busted. Moisturizing has nothing to do with gender; it has everything to do with the skin type.

Our feet need proper moisturizers since we abuse them so much with our footwork and footwear.  Investing in a good lotion is probably the best favor you will do to yourself. There are several products available that focus on foot health; you can buy them as well and make it a habit to apply them before going to bed.

There Is Nothing Feminine About Pedicures

Some things are best-left gender-neutral, and pedicures are one of them. Don’t scoff at pedicures only because you are a man. If you have never gotten yourself one, then it is high time you get it now.

We are not kidding; it will change your life forever, and you will be a fan of pedicures. It takes away all the stress and makes you relax and happy.

If you are not comfortable or don’t have the time to get the professional pedicures done, do it at home. You can invest in Squeaky Clean Feet and get your own fantastic pedicure and massage at ease.

Foot Massage And A Cranky Kid

Foot Massage And A Cranky Kid

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It has been observed that most of the cranky kids respond well when they are physically touched. This might come as a little shock, but a foot massage can really help in soothing an unruly child. It can do wonders and even set a tone for the perfect day ahead if given in the morning. It will be even better if you can begin and end the day with a good massage for your kiddo. You don’t have to invest a lot of time in it; just a quick 5 minutes are enough to make them relaxed and happy. It may become a favorite memory for them when they grow up because we know kids cherish the quality time spent with the parents.

You will never know how effective it can be until you have tried it with your little one. Foot massage is not only for adults, but it can also be as relaxing for the children as it is for you. The only way to know if this would work with your kid or not is through trying it on the child. It also guarantees a good time together, and you both can just sit there talking or bonding over a warm tub of soak. This works for teenagers as well. We know how handy they can be, so imagine having one on one chat time with them over a massage. They will relax, calm, and enjoying, which means they might listen to what you have to say to them.

So, never say no to a foot massage with your children!


It is an ancient Chinese practice that has been around for thousands of years. It stimulates the natural process of healing in a body by applying pressure to certain areas. It relieves stress and makes a person happy. It has the same effects on kids, and we cannot be more optimistic about it.

If you are tired of dealing with a cranky kid, we suggest you try this ages-old massage technique and see the results yourself. You will not be disappointed. Your child will enjoy the session, and they might even ask for it again. This is how great a reflexology foot massage can be.

Human Touch And Brain

For many decades, this is known that a gentle human touch is capable of doing wonder to the brain, and it is beneficial for our health. Our biochemistry is changed, and the immune system is improved. This is no secret that happy minds mean happy people. Even 5 minutes of rubbing the feet can do wonders as if some magic has been done. If you are worried, you will be carried away, then set a timer for 5 minutes, and when it dings, end the massage. You will see a significant change in your little one’s behavior and attitude after the foot massage.

Time Management

Many parents worry about taking the time out for these massages. We just want you to sit and think how many minutes per day are wasted on stupid arguments, dealing with the crankiness, and trying to persuade the frustrated kids? When you think about it, you will realize you are giving too much time to useless debates, probably way more than 10 minutes in a day.

So, if you are concerned about taking out the 5 minutes in the morning and at night, you need to rethink. These 10 minutes are going to save you a lot more time than you can imagine minus the entire frowning and spoiled mood episode. A foot massage is anything but a waste of time.

Keep It Simple Or Play A Little

You can just keep it to the minimum and rub the feet with no supplies by only using your hands. Or, you can try different things to make it more enjoyable. There are a number of products that can be added while massaging like salts, oils, fragrances, and other things.

You can try different products before settling to one your kid enjoys the most. We are sure you will find something that can interest them and make the massage time more fun and enjoyable for the little one. Soon they will be looking forward to a time to a foot massage.

Benefits of a Simple Foot Massage

Four Life Changing Benefits of a Simple Foot Massage

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Our feet never stop working. Whether walking, running or just standing, there is no lack of time spent on one’s feet. Yup, our feet are under constant strain and the best way to show them a little appreciation is by a simple foot massage once in a while.

Like our neck, back, and shoulders, our feet also need a little pampering, and what can be better than a soothing foot massage? Those who have received a foot massage know how relaxing it can feel at the end of a long, tiring day. If done regularly, foot massages can help lessen stress and relieve foot pain, but the benefits of regular foot massages don’t just stop there. There are many benefits of a regular foot massage; some may even shock you.

Let’s look at four ways how a simple foot massage can change your life for the better:

  • Helps Fight Depression

Did you know that a foot massage can even help fight depression? A soothing foot massage provides consolation and helps people adapt to changes in life.

There are certain points on the feet that help reduce depression symptoms. For example, the point in the center of the big toe, the center of the ball of your foot, or the ball of the foot located under the big toe are all connected to emotional stability and mental health. So try to massage these spots or apply pressure to them for a few minutes at least 2 or 3 times a day. Doing something as simple as this can help relieve symptoms of depression.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Along with improving circulation, a regular foot massage can effectively control high blood pressure, also called HBP or hypertension. Studies have also found it may help reduce systolic blood pressure and triglyceride.

It is important to massage the solar plexus reflex to treat HBP. This reflex point can be easily found by squeezing each side of your foot. The solar plexus point is at the hollow formed.

First, press this reflex point for a few seconds with your thumb. Then, take a deep breath. After a few seconds, release the thumb and breathe out. Repeat the same procedure on the other foot. Continue this twice a week for several weeks.

For best results, massage your entire foot for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. You will surely notice improved mood, less anxiety, and lower blood pressure.

  • Relieves Aches and Pains

Did you know you could get rid of body aches and pain through a foot massage? Reflexology helps treat many different types of pains and aches, such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.

Gently massage along the spinal reflex with your thumb for backaches. Start from the side of the toe to the ankle using small circular motions. Massage the soles and tops of your feet as well.

To get rid of neck pain, massage the toes and the joints that join the toes to the foot for 5 minutes. The pain will soon vanish.

To reduce pain and swelling in the ankle and get relief from headaches and migraines, you can massage the whole ankle.

To get relief from thigh pain or lower back pain, apply pressure with your thumb between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon for a few minutes.

  • Alleviates Edema

Edema is the swelling of the feet and ankles due to fluid retention. It is a very common symptom during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. A regular foot massage during pregnancy can help reduce the effects of edema. However, do not do your foot massage during pregnancy. It is recommended to get the massage done by a friend, partner, or professional. A qualified reflexologist is perfect for the job.

Starting from the tips of your fingers to your ankles, gently massage your foot. Massage both sides of your feet.

A massage with some warm massage oil is extremely beneficial. This can be easily done by rubbing from the toes proximally, or toward the knee. By doing this, you encourage the fluid accumulated in the feet to return toward the kidneys and flushed out of the body.


How to Save Yourself From Some of the Most Common Foot Problems

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Have you ever wondered how much strain we put on our feet? Guess not! Normally, you may not even give them a second thought until they start hurting. Our feet endure a lot of daily abuse from walking, running, jumping, and climbing. They experience wear and tear that we often tend to overlook. Because of all this, we may experience several foot problems throughout our life. It is important to learn about these foot problems before they occur to save ourselves from extreme discomfort. From injuries to inflammation, here are some of the most common foot concerns, how they occur, how to identify and treat them before they make our lives unbearable.

So keep on reading to learn more.


  • Athlete’s foot


An individual who is frequently exposed to fungus may experience an athlete’s foot. It is a fungal infection of the skin, usually found between the toes. This infection can cause extreme discomfort, itching, and even pain. It is so contagious that it can spread to other areas of the skin like hands, scalp, etc.

To treat this infection, you must keep your feet clean and dry. You may use the over-the-counter product but will need to consult a doctor if symptoms persist.


  • Diabetic Neuropathy


Unregulated high blood sugar can often cause damage to the nerves, this is known as Diabetic Neuropathy. Tingling like pins and needles, lack of feeling or sensitivity in your feet or problems walking are some of the symptoms. This should be properly treated right away or else may lead to complications such as infection and injury, resulting in amputation.

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels helps reduce the risk of diabetic neuropathy. 


  • Ingrown toenail


Ingrown toenails occur when toenails grow into the nail groove. These can occur if you have nails that curve, poorly trimmed nails, an injury to your toes, and wearing badly-fitting shoes usually cause ingrown toenails. Genetics may also increase the chance of getting ingrown toenails.

Mild cases can first be treated at home with warm soaks, pain relievers, but if it gets severe, then the doctor may suggest surgery.


  • Bunions


A bunion is a condition in which your big toe bends toward your other toes, making it painful to walk. It may cause inflammation and irritation. Bunions, also known as hallux valgus are more likely to occur to women due to their narrow footwear.

The simplest solution to this problem is to wear proper-fitting shoes without heels. A custom-made shoe can also be can also be prescribed by the doctor.


  • Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis is an irritation or inflammation tissues connecting the heel bone to the toes. The pain on the bottom of the heel is usually worse first thing morning when getting out of bed.

You can commonly treat this at home by applying ice, taking anti-inflammatory medications, and stretching the foot daily. If symptoms are persistent, contact your doctor, you may need to ease pain with corticosteroid injections, physical therapy, orthotics, or surgery.

These were some of the many foot problems that may occur if you don’t take care of your feet properly. Always keep your feet clean and watch out for any symptoms to get them treated before they start manifesting.