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By July 3, 2020 Feet

Well now that summer is upon us, it has brought back all the joys of it too; eating ice creams, going swimming or jogging, wearing sundresses with sandals and flip-flops. You get to do everything that summer is famous for but it doesn’t come alone. With the heat, it also brings excessive sweating and nobody wants that.

Smelly feet can cause a nuisance to those around you and make it difficult for them to breathe. In that case, it becomes essential to take certain actions that can reduce the smell or heal it for good. It can be treated at home with various remedies that have been known to be effective.

What are the causes of smelly feet?

Smelly feet or in medical terms known as, bromodosis, is a very common condition that happens due to an increase in sweat. Bromodosis is the condition of feet sweating.  The sweat produces bacteria that further generates waste that can cause your feet to smell.

If you had been wearing closed shoes for a long time than usual then you are bound to have sweaty feet or if you had been in a hot environment for an extended period it can also be one of the reasons.

How can you treat it?

There are multiple home remedies that you can try that are pocket-friendly and effective as well. They have been tried and tested for years now. Here are a few methods that you can give a shot:

  • Wear the right shoes

You must wear shoes that are open and breathable so your feet can get the air they need. This would eliminate the chances of bacteria to stick to the feet.

  • “Socks because your family’s feet deserve the best”

Monica from Friends was right. You need socks, not just for you but for your family. Not just wear any sock but wear the right one like cotton, wool, or special knits so it can absorb the sweat. Change them regularly and also if they get damn during the day.

  • Keep them clean

When you come home after spending a long day in the heat, make sure to clean your feet with soap and water vigorously. This would get rid of the remaining bacteria and reduce the smell of the feet.

You can also use different products to clean your feet. One such product is Squeaky Clean, which has soap well that helps you clean between the toes and reduce the chances of bacteria sticking to your feet. It contains antimicrobial that helps to keep the mildew at bay. Also, its exfoliating panels are like pumice rock that can be used to remove the dry when you gently rub it against the feet sole.

  • Disinfect those germs

It is ideal if you keep a disinfectant with you at all times. That way when you are out in scorching heat at Coachella and can’t find a way to wash your feet, you’ll still be able to be clear from bacteria.

  • Avoid “The Plastics”

Not talking about Regina George here but it is also safe to avoid her too but it is advised to not wear plastic shoes as they tend to be unbreathable and assist in producing toxins that give birth to bacteria.

  • Change your insole

If the insoles of the shoes have grown old, change them to antibacterial or odor-reducing ones. You can also put in tea bags in the shoes overnight that works as an absorbent and reduce the odor.

  • Switch. Switch

If wearing the same shoes for the entire day is making your feet sweat, again and again, keep an extra pair with you and switch them when required. This would keep your feet dry and well and clean from bacteria.

  • You need deodorant

Keeping a deodorant on you that you can apply whenever the smell gets too much. It is safe to apply deodorant at feet. A simple underarm deodorant would work just fine too.


There is no immediate need to go to a doctor in this condition. Only if after trying all the methods, smell or sweat continues to produce, you should head to the doctor or podiatrist. It might be a sign of another serious condition and should not be neglected.

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