High Heels Demand High Feet Care

By November 9, 2020 Healthy Feet, News
High Heels Demand High Feet Care

Have you ever looked at a woman donning a pair of amazing heels and wonder how is she carrying them so well? We all have come across women who wear high heels all day, every day. It is truly astonishing to see them comfortably walking and going about their daily tasks without a hint of foot pain.

These ladies have definitely cracked the code and somehow figured out how to take care of their feet, so they don’t hurt in high heels. It makes us wonder what their secret is? Sadly, most high heels are not constructed to support the feet in the right manner. These heels and unstable, unhealthy, and makes walking in them a real task.

The women who love to wear high heels prepare their bodies and feet as athletes do. Here are some tips that you can follow if you also want to flash your style statement in higher heels.

Know The Potential Damage

You can never be ready for something without knowing the potential damage it can cause. High heels don’t just make your feet hurt; they can have some pretty serious long term effects as well.

So, the horror doesn’t cease to exist at the end of the day when you finally get feet out of heels. For all we know, it can be a mere beginning! You must keep your eyes open for any signs of permanent damage.

The first thing you will notice is most probably the pain on the balls of the feet. Heels tend to put a lot of pressure on these bones and on the joint where metatarsal bones meet the toes. This pressure can cause pain in the short term, but in the long term, it can cause a condition known as bone spurs and arthritis. Hammertoes and corns can also be the result of adorning heels.

Strengthen The Feet

Add in some foot exercises into your gym routine. Of course, women are walking the same planet as us who can rock even the highest heels. They can do so because they invest time and energy to make their feet ready for it. They develop flexibility and strength by working on their feet through exercises.

Naturally, stronger feet mean less damage potential, and it can make wearing heel all day long a little bearable, to say the least.

Work On Your Legs Too

If you are thinking heel only messes with the feet, you are probably in denial. Heels not only mess with the feet, but they also have pain-inducing effects on the legs and back.

This is why you should also work on strengthening your legs. Stretching exercises for muscles in the back of the leg and Achilles tendons are helpful to keep the body in alignment. It can also prevent back and legs problems.

Don’t Delay Getting Treatment

It is quite normal for high heels to hurt but to an extent. If the pain surpasses your threshold and you feel like it is getting unbearable, you should not wait to see a doctor.

If a particular pair of the heel has caused you pain, you can always change those and rest up. Icing may also help. However, if a couple of days have passed and there is still pain seeing a podiatrist would be the smart thing to do.

Remember one thing, early intervention and getting help sooner can help against developing chronic pain and long term problems. Sometimes seemingly minor discomfort can result in major issues later; it is better to be on the safer side and getting it checked with the professional.

Bottom Line

You can be as stylish as you want if you are taking care of your feet properly. If you are not careful enough and you ignore pain and aches, there are higher chances of you getting into trouble. It may even mean that you will have to leave wearing your favorite heels forever.

Don’t let a little negligence and laziness cost you a lifetime of fun and thrill of wearing high heels. The majority of foot problems can be avoided only by keeping a check on your feet regularly. All you have to do is notice aches and tend to your feet so, you would know of something out of the ordinary happens.

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