Oiling The Feet To Make You Sleep Soundly

By October 23, 2020 Healthy Feet, News
Oiling The Feet To Make You Sleep Soundly

Do you have trouble falling asleep, sleep eludes you, do you feel restless in bed? Well, if any of this is a case with you, we have a solution for you, and that too a simple one. All you need is a good oil massage on your feet before going to bed. Once you have an oil massage, you will be able to visit the dreamland soon after shutting the lights off. It is a magic trick to make you fall asleep.

Ayurveda and yoga believe that massages have healing powers for many problems, which include insomnia. In Ayurveda, Vata dosha is often discussed. Basically, it is the elements of ether and air. Everyone has different dosha like cold, dry, hard, rough, subtle, clear, mobile, and light. Some of these words also describe your sleep pattern and even your feet. Massaging the feet before you get in the bed mitigates these qualities. As a result, it allows you to sleep, fall asleep sooner, get better quality sleep, or stay asleep, whatever it is that you are aiming for. A good night’s sleep provides several mental and physical advantages, and it is vital for leading a healthy life.


Padabhyanga is a Sanskrit word that can be broken into two parts; ‘pada’ means foot, and ‘abhyanga’ means massaging the limbs. As a whole, this word means massaging the foot. Surprisingly, the Sanskrit word for oil and love is similar. They both are called ‘Sneha.’ So, when you are oiling your feet, you can also say you love them.

Padabhyanga doesn’t have to be a major operation that you need to perform every night. It can be done in three to five minutes. However, if you have time and mood, then giving ten to twenty minutes of massage to each foot would be great.

When you oil massages your feet, you are not only loving the feet, but you are also showing affection to the internal organs. There are certain pressure points in each foot that have effects on the internal organs. When you massage those points, it is like massaging the attached organs as well.

You can read up on reflexology to get more details about the energy channels associated with feet and organs. In simple words, when you massage the specific areas in the foot, the god energy from that massage travels up to the organs associated with those areas. Ayurveda refers to these channels as ‘nadis’’.

The Oil Massage Technique

Here we are explaining two options one is a quick one, and the other is for when you have a good amount of time available.

The Quick Three To fifteen Minutes Massage

Wash your feet and clean them. Coat your ankles and feet with a small amount of oil. Now, take a little more oil on your hands and start massaging the ankles in a circular motion.

Make sure you are massaging the joints in circular motions and the long bones in linear motion. Take some more oil for the top of the feet and massage there. Move your hands back and forth from toes to ankles.

Next, pinch and massage your toes. The sole and heel of the foot should also be massaged. Use the opposite hand to the foot and interlace fingers with the toes. Now, roll the ankle in both directions. Repeat this with both feet.

You are done but make sure to wear a pair of socks before moving around. Oil can make your feet slippery, and you may risk a slip.

The Extensive Oil Massage

Take a tub full of warm water. Add ¼ teaspoon Epsom salt or sea salt with 1/8 teaspoon crushed ginger. Stir to dissolve both. Now, soak your feet in the tub for twenty to thirty minutes.

Remove the feet from the tub and pat dry. Now, follow the same massage technique mentioned above with the oil of your choice for each foot.

What Oils To Use

There is no need to spend loads of money on fancy oils, but go ahead if it is your thing. These massages can be performed with simple coconut, sesame, or castor oil. Going for organic ones is, of course, ideal, but that too is not really a compulsion.

You can experiment with different oils until you find the one you love the most. A few drops of essential oils can also be mixed for fragrance.

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