Squeaky Clean Feet is a complete foot cleaning product that addresses the heal, sole, ankle, sides, top and even hard to reach places like between your toes.
It is so easy to use all you have to do is place your Squeaky Clean Feet on the tub or shower surface. Put your soap of choice in the soap well and the ankle cleaning bristles.  Place one foot at a time and produce a back and forth motion and within moments your foot is clean and rejuvenated.  For extra care leverage the exfoliation panels to keep your skin silky smooth.  Once you are done simply remove the product from the surface with the pull-ring, rinse and hang to drip dry

Some great other product features:

Soap Well

The user places their soap of choice in the soap well where it then cascades down to the upper scrubbers of the cleaning bridge to provide the toes and top of the foot with a quality cleaning.

Massaging Mounds

Inspired by reflexology the product has strategically placed massaging mounds to create pressure points on the foot that have been linked to benefits like anti-anxiety & improved circulation

Exfoliation panels

The exfoliation station has a pumice rock like textured panels to assist in removing dead skin leaving your foot smooth and refreshed

Skid resistant Suction Cups

A series of locking suction cups line the bottom of the Squeaky Clean Feet product. This enable the user to safely use the product

Quick release Pull Ring

The pull ring located in the front allows the use to effortlessly remove the product from the surface and place the unit on hanger

Longer Scrubbers

The product is lined with Longer scrubbers to gently wash and assure a thorough and comfortable clean.


The product is made from an antimicrobial material reducing the chances for mildew to occur.

It’s like having your own foot spa right in the comfort of your own home.