Shoes For Weightlifting; Part One

By September 13, 2020 Feet, Healthy Feet
Shoes For Weightlifting

The standard checklist for the gym typically includes a change of clothes, a shaker bottle, and something to listen to music on. One important thing that is often overlooked is what are you wearing on your feet?

The chances of seeing the lifting shoes before are strong as these shoes tend to stand out in the crowd. They have crossed straps and raised heels. However, these shoes have some qualities that you need to look for before getting a pair.

Before we begin with the qualities that are a must in these shoes, it is vital to know why these shoes are necessary if you are into weight lifting.

Benefits Of Lifting Shoes

They are designed to keep the lifters in mind. They are known to recruit extra fiber and the ability to activate more muscles. These shoes make the lifter push through the floor, producing a good amount of force during a lift. Free compound lifts, deadlifts, and heavy squats become relatively easy when you are wearing weight lifting shoes.

Help To Increase Ankle Mobility

As we mentioned, lifting shoes have an elevated heel. It provides greater ankle movement. When ankle movement is increased, it not only lets you lift more weight, but it also prevents injuries.

Help to Increase Hypertrophy

Enlargement of muscle tissue or an organ due to the increase in cell size is known as hypertrophy. In simpler words, the muscles appear larger. When you can lift heavy loads due to the right shoes, it leads to an increase in hypertrophy.

Help To Maintain The Correct Movement Pattern

Every sport and hardcore physical activity requires a certain movement pattern in a body. Even the simplest things like swinging a bat or throwing a football require our body to follow a proper pattern of movement. The same goes for weight lifting.

When you lift a load, a high amount of force comes down on the body. All of this force is supported by the feet. Imagine not having proper and firm cushioning and padding for your feet to handle this force. Not only will you not be able to get the advantages out of the exercise, but there is also a higher chance of ending up with an injury.

Help To Master Deeper Squats

The elevated heel may appear funny in lifting shoes, but the purpose of these heels is valuable. Lifting shoes may have a heel of half an inch to an inch and even more sometimes. This heel allows the lifter to use every aspect of musculature more efficiently, leading to deeper squats without hurting the back or feet.

Help To Increase Lifting Power

Ultimately wearing weight lifting shoes helps to improve the performance. They are specifically designed to support weightlifting moves. These shoes provide the support and safety that is needed by the lifters.

Last Word

Investing in a good pair of weightlifting shoes is well worth the cost. The difference it can bring is going to be dramatic, and you will be able to perform better.

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