Should The Feet Be Cleansed Before A Spa Treatment

By November 23, 2020 Healthy Feet, News
Should The Feet Be Cleansed Before A Spa Treatment

This question is often asked, and many spas offer proper cleansing before they begin with the treatment. However, there is an equal number of spas that don’t offer foot cleansing.

Cleansing feet before a spa treatment is a good way to start. This practice is still not very common, but it is good for detoxifying, and you will get to know if there is any issue beforehand.

Proper sanitization during a pedicure is a must. It keeps the technicians and other clients safe from the risks of developing infections. Some people have dry skin, and they might be unsuspected, but there can be fungus and bacteria hiding in the cracks of their skin. When their feet are not cleaned properly before the treatment, the chances of spread increases.

Tools used in the treatment are contaminated in such cases, and they can pass it on to other clients. The technicians holding and using these tools are also at the risk of getting infected.

Tips To Cleanse The Feet

If you are at a spa and they are using a disinfectant to soak your feet, you should ask them not to. Disinfectants are not safe to use on the skin directly. They are harsh in nature that can cause irritation, allergies, and injuries.

It would be best if you ask them to go for a pH balanced, non-aggressive, soak. The soak used to clean your feet should not dehydrate the skin. In fact, it should soften the dry and rough skin.

Sometimes spas used wipes to clean the feet. They are an alternative to soaks. But you should be aware of the products that are being used. Not every product needs to suit your skin type. This is why it is also imperative that you are aware of the skin type you have and know what suits you the best.

Examination Of Feet During Cleaning

You must get your toenails checked before the pedicure begins. The ideal time to get them checked is when they have been cleaned. Heels, the bottom of the feet, skin between the toes, and toenails are some areas that can have underlying undetected issues.

Once you are sure they have been properly checked and there is no problem, you can proceed with the pedicure without worrying. This way, you will be able to enjoy and relax while having a spa treatment.

If any problem is detected during this examination, the technician will guide you about treating it. You may have to consult a doctor if it is something that needs medical attention.

After Care

If the professionals have told you at the spa about any issues like cuts, blisters, redness, scratches, or swelling, you will be able to cure these. Many of these issues can be resolved by taking care of them at home and keeping an eye on them.

Once you are aware of the problems you are having, it becomes easier to tend to them. Ensure examining your feet once a week at least and keep them as clean as possible. Don’t let moisture build-up inside the shoes. Maintain a good cleaning routine and never wear a pair of socks for more than a day. Switch your shoes and wear them alternately.

The technicians at the spa are more knowledgeable because they see all sorts of feet so, they may be able to guide you about the aftercare. Listen to them carefully and follow the tips they give.


So, we can say that cleansing feet before the spa treatment is a good practice. If you are going to a spa where you know they don’t offer cleaning services before the treatment, it is better to clean them properly at home before going.

You can soak your feet in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes and gently towel dry them before heading to the spa. This way, your feet will be cleaned, and while you towel dry, you can also have a close look at them for any changes.

If you notice nothing odd or out of the ordinary, you are good to go, and if there is something that has caught your attention, you can always inform the spa about it.

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