Taking Care Of Feet At Pools

By October 2, 2020 Feet, Healthy Feet
Taking Care Of Feet At Pools

Swimming is a staple for many of us when it comes to having a fun time. The same pools can be a foot health hazard as well, which means we need to be careful when having fun at the pool. We don’t intend to scare you or make your head swing, but pools can be one of the worst places to walk with your feet.

Swimming pools play as a host for many issues like foot cramps, wrinkly toes, and fungal infections. Slippery falls are also one of the greatest dangers at the pool. This can lead to nasty injuries and long-term problems. Luckily, most of the water-time issues are avoidable by being careful. All you need is a little foresight and some safety measures to ensure you stay on the safer side.

Let’s see what can be done to avoid some of the common problems that occur around water.

Tips To Avoid Fungal Infections And Bacteria

Like it or not, swimming pools and the areas around it are heavens for fungus and bacteria. They serve like budding spaces for all the things that can give your feet infection. These surfaces are warm and wet constantly, with many people walking barefoot; you can very well imagine what it can do to your skin. Wet and warm surfaces are known for flourishing tiny microbes. It includes the shower area and locker rooms.

The best way to avoid getting any infection is by wearing a waterproof pair of flip-flops. Never forget your pair of flip-flops whenever you are visiting a public pool. Going barefoot should always be out of the question. Not going barefoot will keep you safe from infections and bacteria. It will save you from many infectious diseases.

Tips To Avoid Falls And Slips

Slips and falls happen fairly commonly around wet areas like pools. It can lead to minor and, in some extreme cases, to major injuries. From bruises, scrapes, and broken bones to concussions and even death, anything is possible due to falling. Slips and falls should not be considered a negligible risk as they pose serious threats.

You should always watch your step when walking on wet surfaces and walk with caution. Don’t run or walk fast when you know the area is wet; keep your pace slow and take cautious steps. Many places have handrails to prevent slips use them. Also, watch out for slipping hazards like floaty tubes and pool toys.

Tips To Avoid Foot And Toe Cramps

Active swimmers often complain about foot cramps and pesky muscle contractions. It can happen suddenly, and without any warning, this surprise element makes it even more troubling for the swimmer.

According to podiatrists, cramps are experienced during swimming when the muscles are overused and fatigued. Dehydration and electrolyte deficiency can also be the reason for cramps. Swimmers should monitor their water intake and eat healthy, nutritious food before and after the swim.

Being aware of the current physical activity level is also essential, so you don’t push yourself too much. Stretching before jumping into the pool can be effective against cramps.

Tips To Avoid Wrinkly Toes

Skin pruning is natural when it is submerged in the water for a long. Wrinkly fingers and toes is not a dangerous condition, but it isn’t very pleasant for sure. A barrier lotion like Vaseline can work if applied before going in the pool. Limiting pool time, avoiding extreme water temperatures like cold late night dips and hot tubs, and staying hydrated can also help against skin pruning.

However, if you enjoy swimming and extreme temperature water fun, then Vaseline is your best friend. Apply it to your hands and feet before swimming.

Some More Tips To Take Care Of The Feet

Consider wearing waterproof socks. These swimming socks keep the skin safe from fungal infections and bacteria. The waterproof socks can also prevent slips and falls, and they keep the feet clean and dry.

Keeping your feet clean is imperative if you are a regular swimmer. Even if you swim occasionally, you must clean your feet properly once you are back from the pool. Squeaky Clean Feet can help you with cleaning and scrubbing after the pool trip. All that will be left is to apply moisturizer, and you will be good.

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