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By April 3, 2020 Feet
Clean Feet

Have you ever gotten a pedicure done?

Not from just any beauty salon or parlor, but from a proper medically licensed and specialized foot care clinic. If you haven’t, then we can tell you that your appointed foot care specialists will first soak your feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes and then they will begin a long – sometimes uncomfortable – process of cleaning your feet thoroughly. They remove all softened dead skin from your heel, scrapping it off with a sharp blade and then using a foot scrubber – the normal shower foot scrubber we normally use at our homes. Depending on your foot hygiene, the specialist will spend 20-25 minutes on this cleaning process and when they are done, you will experience the most satisfying sensation of having smooth, clean and perfect feet.

If you inquire ahead about how to sustain the lovely outcome of such a pedicure, the specialist will most likely recommend that you regularly use shower foot scrubbers and wear slippers or socks around your house.

Foot-care specialists each have different preferences but they recommend different kinds of shower foot scrubbers that you can use by yourself to exfoliate your feet – keeping them fresh and healthy. The process of exfoliation is simple: you are removing all the dead skin that has hardened into a layer on your feet. It is a pretty easy and straightforward process that, if done regularly, can help you avoid developing any tough ugly calluses on your feet. It’s all about consistently scrubbing and exfoliating your feet. Give them the care and time they deserve.

But it’s not all about you. Or the effort you put in. It’s also about what product you choose.

What kind of shower foot scrubber should you use? 

For one, remember to get a scrubber that makes use of pumice stones. These stones are very easy to come by and typically look like a sponge with very large pores. But it doesn’t feel like a sponge because, true to its name, it is a stone with a tough texture.

Clean Feet

Pumice stones are used all over the world to remove the hardened callouses on your feet because they are just so very effective. In a matter of minutes, they can quickly exfoliate your feet.

Many pedicure kits come with bristled brushes that are used to clean the top and sides of your feet. These places are prone to become layered with dead skin and dirt. These brushes are designed to softly remove the excess layer on your skin, leaving it clear once you are done.

foot scrub brush

Such a brush can come in varying sizes; the smaller ones are usually used to clean the sensitive space between your toes. This area is often forgotten because shower foot scrubbers are not generally designed to reach it. This becomes a problem because the skin between our toes has the most chances of becoming infected due to bad foot hygiene. Have you ever wondered why some people’s feet smell so yucky? Stinky feet exist because people are not regularly cleaning the source of the smell which is between their toes where the brevibacterium resides. This kind of bacteria thrives in salty and moist environments and emits an unpleasant odor until cleaned.

The point is: Whatever kind of shower foot scrubbers you go to buy next time, make sure that your product integrates these essentials i.e. pumice stones and brushes because they play a very integral role in giving you clean and healthy feet.

Foot scrubber

What are Squeaky Clean Feet offering you? 

Well for one, we are offering you squeaky clean feet.

Secondly, we have developed a unique shower foot scrubber that is an all-in-one deal.

This product has been designed to cater to your comfort and your foot care needs. Our shower foot scrubber comes with exfoliation panels made with a pumice stone-like texture to make sure that your feet are properly exfoliated. This product further integrates the usage of longer brushes, which are made with durable material, to gently clean all parts of your feet properly to ensure healthy foot hygiene.

Picture this: Taking care of feet can be difficult because it requires you to change your position, take a firm hold of your feet, one at a time. This may require bending down and straining your back which, although necessary, is not exactly preferred or sometimes even possible for some people.

Some old grandmothers cannot strain themselves while showering. There are young adolescents with back problems who cannot bend downwards to reach their feet easily. They’re also people who are just too busy to spare precious time for thorough foot care. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the best shower foot scrubber which quickly takes care of your heels, soles, ankles, sides, tops and even the hidden space between your feet. All you have to do is much put some soap in the soap well section, and then just side your foot in. The suction holes at the bottom can stick to the surface of your bathtub or floor to ensure you don’t slip and posture doesn’t become unstable.

With a simple back and forth movement, our product can simultaneously focus on target areas of your foot – leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Squeaky Clean Feet

Don’t Forget! Feet are such an important part of the human body, continuously bearing down the weight of our bodies. Paying attention, providing care and loving your feet is necessary for a truly healthy lifestyle. With Squeaky Clean Feet, you can transform your shower routine to come out of the shower with well-massaged and thoroughly cleaned feet.

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