The Top Benefits of Exfoliating Your Feet

By May 18, 2020 Healthy Feet
Benefits of Exfoliating Your Feet

Keeping your skin healthy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We do a lot to keep our skin looking young and fresh however feet are often overlooked when it comes to beauty regimens. Rather, we should indulge ourselves with proper foot care several times a week–or, even better, every day. As for foot care, exfoliation is wonderful to keep your feet healthy, clean, and happy. Exfoliating is an easy way to pamper your feet at the comfort of your own home. Exfoliating feet as part of a regular foot care routine can provide you with many benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Removes Dead Skin

When you exfoliate feet, you get rid of dead or loose skin. Dead skin builds up because of a lack of moisture that results from constantly keeping your feet in closed shoes or socks, or from the friction of walking or running. It may appear dry, cracked, or loose or hanging. Unless it’s a result of an athlete’s foot, eczema, or another type of infection, it’s usually not painful however, it gives a really bad appeal to your feet and acts as a dirt magnet.

If you want to keep your feet looking fresh and supple, exfoliate feet twice a week.

  • Softens Skin and Removes Calluses

If you exfoliate feet before a pedicure, it will help soften your skin and remove any hard or callused skin around your feet. Calluses or corns on your feet can crack and cause pain if they get too thick but when you exfoliate feet, you save yourself from further pain and irritation.

That being said, you must exfoliate feet gently and take care when removing calluses or extra-tough skin on your feet as they are there for a reason. Tough skin form in are areas where your feet rub most and need the most protection. So you must keep in mind to not eliminate tough skin. If your skin turns bright red, it’s a sign that you’ve scrubbed too hard.

  • Improve Self-Pedicure Results

As you know, when you exfoliate feet, your feet soften up and skin gets smooth. It gives them a more even skin tone and removes any dry skin or flakes around the nails. If you have smooth, radiant, even-toned skin, your pedicure will look even better. Even if you have a beautiful pedicure, but did not exfoliate feet, people might notice that dry, possibly cracked skin. So always remember to exfoliate feet before a pedicure to get the best results.

  • Less Foot Pain

Proper foot care is quite necessary if you want to prevent any sort of foot pain. As you already know, calluses can cause extreme discomfort. Exfoliating your feet will prevent the growth of calluses thus preventing the pain. Dry, cracked feet can also be painful, so regularly exfoliate feet and moisturize them to prevent this type of discomfort from developing.

Finally, exfoliating and applying a foot cream regularly will help stimulate blood flow. This can help to relieve regular aches and pains that come from being on your feet all day. If you want to get rid of that foot pain, take some time to give your feet a relaxing massage as you apply the moisturizer.

The Top 3 Ways to Exfoliate Feet at Home

Now, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours at the spa to pamper your feet, just a few minutes can make a huge difference in how your feet feel. Here are three simple ways to show your feet some love.

Use a Pumice Stone

A pumice stone will help wear down those tough calluses and make your feet feel smooth. You will also love the way they make your feet look clean and fresh. Pumice stones are easy to use, and you can be over and done with exfoliating within minutes. 

Make an Exfoliating Scrub from Epsom Salts

Using foot scrubs can be a great way to exfoliate feet, and you can get all sorts of scrubs from the store. In addition to these, you can also make your own Epsom salt scrub for your feet at home. Epsom salt will help you not only remove all of those dead skin cells but also help relieve pain and inflammation. Using an Epsom salt scrub is a perfect way to relax after a long hard day at work or walking around for long hours. 

Use an Exfoliating Cream

When you exfoliate feet, make sure to use an exfoliating cream afterward. Exfoliating creams not only allow for more exfoliation but also provide the moisture your feet needs. This simple step helps keep your skin looking young and healthy. If you moisturize your feet regularly, you will start noticing that they do not build up tough calluses as frequently, helping keep your feet gorgeous and healthy. 

Always Keep Your Feet Healthy and Happy!

Now that you know the benefits of exfoliating your feet and the ways to do it, you must religiously exfoliate feet at least 2 to 3 times a week. Feet are great assets, so always show them their importance! Take care of your feet for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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